Aeria Generator

A lot of gratefulness for the Elite Belgian Hack Group (E.B.H.G.) & AeriaAddict for sorting out the algorithm for this Aeria Points Generator which will make it functional once again.The community is really thankful and supportive for all the hard work you guys have done.

Aeria Generator


*unlimited = you can generate points as much as you want with this Aeria AP hack, but keep in mind that you are forbidden to abuse this, and we’ll list below the safety levels for the use of this generator.


To Know 1: This Aeria Generator, unlike other generators that you may have tested, does NOT require your email or password, therefore you have no reasons to be afraid of having your account banned or hacked. Even if the Aeria AP hack seems safe, try to use it 7 times per week, because our tests were defined at a safe point without getting banned, which is maximum 7 times per week..

To Know 2: Also remember that you are restricted to abuse this Aeria Points Generator, and you can’t also use it for a profit. It’s possible from our side to block your access from using this Aeria hack generator if our server will detect that you have been generated Aeria AP more than 40 times a week.

pros and cons


- The down side of this is that you can only use the Aeria AP hack for like 7 times per every week, due to the fact that like this you won’t abuse the tool and therefore these Aeria cheats can hold on more than just a few months; If you really and really need to use it more than 7 times, make sure you use a new account on your gaming platform and also make sure that you will change your IP or use a proxy first; but there’s no need to do all these if you only want to use it for personal use;

If our server detects a huge number of uses (example: more than 30 Aeria AP hack generates) in one week or less, we can block your IP and IP machine from using this generator, so do not abuse it;

- Same story goes for their server, where if they detect that you loaded a huge amount of Aeria Points in more than a few ‘loads’, you can get banned, but if you limit yourself to 7 uses per week, no matter how many points you want, then you will be fine, according to the reports of our community where nobody got banned since the first and previous version;

- Even if you can insert any amount of Aeria points that you want to generate, that doesn’t mean you have to input a mystical number like “999999999999999”; go for random and real amounts of AP that is same as the packages available for sale in their system, or at least use a decent number;


After you generate your Aeria AP hack, your code will be validated and marked as use so that you won’t generate it once again after you tried it for the first time, a factor which helps in analyzing the rate of success. The result of the use of this Aeria hack generator is made live or instant, therefore, based on the latest calculations, the current estimate rate of success is at 94,60% accuracy;

+ This Aeria generator was and still is configured to work for any server (international);

We upgraded this Aeria Points Generator with an auto update script that will help you have your Aeria hack generator working every time because we will release a new working version, as soon as we find out that the current was patched; when you open your cheat tool, you will be notified that a new update is available, in case we released one; so now you see that you won’t have to search for a new working version on the internet because this tool will update itself, with your permission;

+ 2 Integrated plugins that helps the code accuracy/rate of success to increase (check settings inside) and also a user-friendly interface that can be used by anyone with a minimum experience about gaming and internet;

+ Manual verification on a daily basis for possible patches in case no reports were made by our community; this Aeria hack is a clean file and you can double-check by scanning it with your anti-virus program or with online scanner and make sure it’s a clean file;

Aeria Points Generator 2015

NEW updated video coming soon! In the mean time, some pewdiepie 4 you!

Instructions to use this Aeria Points Generator

  1. Open Aeria Hack application, and also the Aeria site
  2. Make sure you are logged in into your account, to check the change live
  3. In the field ‘Your username’ insert your correct username with which you just logged in your Aeria account
  4. In the field below, enter the amount of points you want to generate; remember to use a decent and realistic amount, don’t use ‘9999999999999’
  5. Click the button ‘Generate’ and after that click OK on the pop-up message asking you to confirm the start of this Aeria hack
  6. Wait for the green bar to load fully to 100% and after that click ‘Status’, where a pop-up message should appear saying ‘Done'; this way you will make sure it validated the generate
  7. Next step is to refresh your page in the Aeria’s site, and see your points in there
  8. We strongly advise you not to share this Aeria AP hack on other forums or with your gaming buddies, because if this goes popular, everybody will use it and it will eventually get patch much more often than we could update, so keep it low. Enjoy!

tech details about aeria AP hack

FileName: Aeria Points Generator.exe
Size: 2.87 MB
Type: EXE
Date Uploaded: Check the date
Downloads: 2029

If you need assistance for downloading this Aeria Generator, go to the How To Download page and find out how in less than 2 minutes.

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13 thoughts on “Aeria Generator

  1. danke! this aeria points generator is still working and still nobody knows about this haha
    thank you again, worked perfectly for me

  2. got it and i’m abusing the fuck out of this cheat generating points continuously and giving gifts to everybody

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